Ahmed Al Baz

male avatar Ahmed Al Baz

Degree – Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine in 2012 , Zagazig University accepted grade

Years of Experience – 10


More than 10 years expereince in the teaching Quran. Bachelor degree in veterinary medical science at Zagazig University in 2012. Got a  health and animal welfare diploma with a very good grade in 2015. In the filed of Quran , he got Ijaza in Quran by Hafs and Shoeba novels from Asim  of Shatebeya 2015. Course in explaining Alajromeh book in Grammar.  Quranic school Course (Values Innovation Center ) in 2012. Sessions managment cycle and Quranic school in 2012.  Charitable Projects Management Course (pmp) in 2011.The preparation of the training cycle in 2015. Work as a Quranic teacher since 2006. Worked as a manager of Ayat center in Zagazig for teaching Quran . Work as a Quranic and Arabic teacher for non-native speackers since 2015.