Mahmoud Abd Alrahman

male avatar Mahmoud Abd Alrahman

Degree –  Bachelor of Arts Arabic Language 2005 accepted grade

Years of Experience – 12


Graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University and got a Bachelor degree of Aak Arabic Language 2004-2005. Got a diploma in grammatical and linguistic division in  Dar Al Oloum faculty,  Cairo universuty (2007 – 2008) with a good grade. Teaching Tajweed since 2003 and worked as an Arabic teacher as a free work( not belong to any school). Worked in public schools for the preparatory level for a year and half. More than two years experience in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. worked in the field of language computing, where writing text and adjust the form and put the necessary punctuation, elements, and causing texts.  Got Ijaza in Quran (Hafs from Assim) for Sheikh Gouda Abd Elgayed, ijaza in Quran (Hafs from Assim) for Sheikh Abdel Fattah madkour . Ijaza in children masterpiece from Sheikh Abdul Fattah Madkour. Ijaza in Matn aljuzayria for Sheikh Abdel Fattah madkour. The Alajromeh in grammar, reading and explain (Masterpiece Sunni) for Mohie Abdul Hamid, to Shaykh Saad bin Abi Talib.