Moustafa Abdel Meged

male avatar Moustafa Abdel Meged

Degree –   Bachelor of Arts Arabic Language 1998 a good grade

Years of Experience – 7


Bachelor of Arts, Cairo University,1998 . Got the Arabic grammar course in Dar Al Oloum faculty in 2008 and a comprehensive correction course in the Ministry of Education in 2009. Attended sessions in the recitation of  Quran and teaching it by El-Nuranya rule and Nour Albayan beside several human development courses from Egypt Public Library in 2013/2014. Worked as a language adjuster in the Heritage House from 2006 to 2009. Work as Arabic teacher in a Language school from 1998 until now . Work as an Arabic and Quran teacher for non-native speakers at Alif Arabic Company since 2012  beside working as a Technical Officer for teachers at the same company. Attended several courses like teaching the Quran by mental maps. Assesting teachers and taught several courses in the field of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers